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    Louis Robert, fondateur du label ADDICTION surfboards au Canada, a commencé dans la fabrication du skate puis du snowboard, et s'est ensuite tourné vers le monde du surf.
    Passionné par ce qui est vieux et authentique, il a pendant toutes ses années de shape eu la chance de travailler de la Californie é L'Europe, en completant ses compétences et son style tout au long de sa route.
    Il a beaucoup expérimenté dans son shape du longboard au fish et autres rétros. Amoureux et passionnés des résines teintées, de dérives oldshool et de shape Retro, Louis ROBERT et Renaud CARDINAL se rencontrent en 2000. Le shaper nord américain intégre l'équipe de l'atelier UWL en 2005, mais le mal du pays se fera ressentir 1 an plus tard, Louis décidera alors de regagner son Amérique du Nord.
    UWL décide de continuer l'aventure ADDICTION surfboards en prenant la direction du label. De nouveaux modéles apparraissent et des planches aux finish d'exceptions prennent naissances.


    This revolution, “The Bonzer Experience”, is about evolution: evolving ones thoughts, experiences and consciousness. It’s about dynamic changes that produce quantum shifts in understanding and performance.

    J.G. Bennett, describing Gurdjieff’s concept of evolution, states, “Evolution is the production of high level energy from a lower level source.This requires an apparatus of a different kind; for the “upgrading” of energy is improbable and cannot occur at all unless some high level energy is present. Life is an evolutionary process that goes against the direction of probability. The work by which Mankind is transformed is evolutionary.”

    This quote sums up in a nutshell, more than 30 years of some pretty intense work. In 1970 the 3 fin Bonzer represented a quantum leap in possibilities, and in late 1982 the 5 fin Bonzer presented another tremendous shift in design and performance potential. Maybe it was pure naiveté or a misguided sense of mission, but whatever it was, ever since the first wave we rode on a Bonzer we have felt an obligation to continue refining the design in order to keep possibilities open. We have wanted to give something back to surfing, which has so greatly enriched our lives.

    Against all probability the Bonzer stands here today as a symbol of the open-ended nature of evolutionary potential and performance capabilities.

    Thanks for checking in, Malcolm Campbell &Duncan Campbell


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    At DMS the vision has always been to create premium-handcrafted surfboards using the best materials, superior craftsmanship and functionality that is second to none. DMS Surfboards range from high performance short boards, advanced carbon wrap technology through to classic twin fin and single fin designs, most combined with an array of traditional resin tints. 

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    Dyer Brand is a menswear and surfboard manufacturing company based in San Diego California. It was started in 2010 by Mason Dyer with one mission; to make better functioning better looking goods at a fair price in the United States. Inspired by a mixture of military, surf and hot rod styles. Form and function are equally incorporated into each product. 


    Ellis Ericson is always on some kind of mission to find epic waves. He’s originally from Byron Australia, but lives now in Bali. A place where Ellis feels he can be creative and non-restricted. Living in Bali also serves as the perfect testing ground for Ellis to fine-tune his surfboard designs.

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  • FCS

    FCS propose une gamme de dérives et d'accessoires exceptionnelles dans l'univers du surf. La marque illustre aussi tout son savoir-faire dans les housses de surf avec la Dayrunner ou l' Explorer ainsi que dans les sac à dos étanches FCS qui accompagnent l'avant ou l'après session. Enfin elle possède une large gamme d'accessoires pour le surf : leash, pads, etc.


    Futures Fins began in a garage in California in 1996. Backed by industry leaders with over 50 years of surfboard building experience, the Longo brothers were able to use their engineering backgrounds to create products involving something they were passionate about, Surfing. Today our passion for surfing and our commitment remains the same, and since we are a family owned business we are much more concerned with impressing you, the board-rider, than any board member.


    Gorilla is famous brand of surf accessories from Australie (pads, leashs, fins...)


    Since 1968

    9’0″ longboard in ’67

    Doug Haut in Santa Cruz started me shaping. SHAPING

    Everyone working to create “the” surfboard. Doug Haut, Mike Croteau, Dick Brewer and his shapers


    Professional surfer for 20 years, it becomes shaper like his father  Terry Fitzgerald (Hot Buttered).
    Joel does not want you to believe he’s going to reinvent the wheel, especially with the influence of the Fitzgerald family had in the world of Australian surfing. With his enigmatic surfer spirit, he became a designer of surfboards drawing on the past to create the future bases of surfing.

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    San Diego-based Jeff McCallum is a tough guy to describe. His personality and talents are as unique as the boards that he shapes. With lots of hard work and dedication to the craft, he has gained an international reputation in the community of lovers of beautiful boards outside the norm. 


    Super friendly, kind, discreet and always ready to welcome you. Bob MITSVEN is an incredible shaper and all his boards are handmade with the least number of machines possible. He began surfing at the age of 11 in San Diego


    Get Barreled!!

    Neal Purchase Jnr, is an incredibale gifted Australian, musician, shaper and surfer, famous for his part in the surf movie Glass Love with his backside style and his long barells at kirra. 


    PANDA Surfboards is a surfboard crafting project, drawn from the mind of shaper Blake Peters. 

    Born and raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney; Blake has learnt his craft from the mass of local, talented shapers he grew up admiring - and is now part of the new generation of foam-mowers who are making successful in-roads on a global level. 


    Rip Curl is a major Australian designer, manufacturer, and retailer of surfing sportswear (also known as boardwear) and accompanying products, and a major athletic sponsor. Rip Curl has become one of the largest board wear brands in Australia, Europe and South America, and is also active in North America and South Africa.


    Established in 1991, SHARP EYE SURFBOARDS is filling a gap in the market with an unprecedented commitment to consistency, quality, and customer service.

    Since its beginning, founder MARCIO ZOUVI has had the vision of creating a company that would gain a reputation not only for its excellency in quality, but also for the best customer service possible.
    We partned only with the top suppliers in the market for the best materials and invest in experimenting and testing new construction methods frequently, so our customers would have always what is the leading edge in technology and surfboard construction.


    In 1995, Ian Chisholm (aka chissa) had a vision to become a reputable board builder and live a lifestyle around the beach. Torquay Victoria australia was his place of choice and more than 10,000 shaped boards and 7000 colored laminations chissa is still forging a path in the surfing industry for producing the finest hand crafted surfboards .


    All boards are handshaped. I wish the machine could get it right. Joking. Everything is glassed at either Custom Surf Glass or Sharp Eye Surfboards. If the board is late, sorry we're surfing.


    I make surfboards, i reckon i make pretty rad ones, just not too many white 6'1" thrusters. Most of the testing is done on some pretty tasty point waves and few beaches, been doing it a little while now and really enjoy it.


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    UWL surfboards is a french surfboards manufacturer dedicated to only high quality custom surfboards. Created in 1991, our factory is 700 m², making surfboards with the latest technologies for the Europeen market. UWL is progressive and very open minded to any kind of project and new process.


    Nestled discreetly in a rusty, weathered looking building, on the grounds of an old sugar mill, in the midst of the most infamous stretch of coastling in surfing, you will find a coalecence of like minded individuals striving to achieve unity in diversity in a movement to inspire creativity and share our passion for riding waves.

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